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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tom on Twitter

There are a few items of note I wanted to share...

I now have a twitter account: @tomdavie. Unfortunately I won't be using it to update you on where I am, or what I'm reading, watching or eating, because honestly, my pizza eating schedule is really not that interesting. I will be using the account to automatically feed new updates on the studiotwentysix2 site and blog, as well as Good Type, Bad Type, Well Designed and interactive alley. A one-stop-shop if you will.

Good Type, Bad Type was created as part of my introduction to typography teaching process, and although that class finished in December, I will keep the site updated as often as I can. I'm always looking for new work to post, so if you run across something of interest, send the URL my way.

Well Designed and interactive alley are also to be used as teaching aids. Well Designed is dedicated to all forms of print, packaging and publication design, while interactive alley is dedicated to site design, movies, title sequences and kinetic typography. Again, if you come across some impressive work, please let me know.

As for this blog, the titles of each post are now clickable links; this will make it easier to get the permanent URL for bookmarking and sharing.

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