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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Graphic Design Career Videos

WARNING...Sense of humor required.

Tom’s running diary of things he learned while watching these graphic design career videos:

1. When discussing your qualifications, be sure to keep your awards and diploma visible at all times

2. Awards and praise let designers know that what they’re doing is “making a difference”

3. An Associates Degree will allow you to “go places”

4. Design elements should be integrated into the design

5. If a sports team has a preexisting color scheme, you may want to incorporate those colors into their design work

6. There are many different ways you can apply for different jobs

7. Clients like to pick-and-choose design elements

8. Clients really like “energy bursts”

9. Clients probably won’t like your font or color choices

10. Clients like to put their logo on their worker’s jackets

11. Clients will be happy with the end results, as long as they’re given variety

When producing a set of graphic design career videos, always remember to:

1. Sit in front of a computer that is older than your teenage child

2. Never turn down the volume on your monitor — it allows your audience to appreciate the sounds of the world’s first screen saver

3. Never edit your footage to make your career video better

4. Rarely make eye contact with the camera, but be sure to look down-and-to-the-left and to the producer standing to the side of the camera as often as possible

5. Never waste time writing a script, they are overrated — your audience will appreciate your ability to “keep it real”

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