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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Psychedelic Experience

I am really surprised at how difficult it is to find well-photographed collections of 60s psychedelic posters. I’ve been looking for several years for a nice online collection, and these two links are the best I’ve found. If you are aware of a better quality collection, please share the address:

  • Paul Olsen Collection

  • Wolfgang’s Vault collection

  • I would love to see this show...The Denver Art Museum is currently exhibiting The Psychedelic Experience, which consists of 300 rock posters from the San Francisco Bay Area, 1965 – 71. Maybe someone from Denver can give us a recap of the poster collection.

  • The Psychedelic Experience

  • If you’re looking for some poorly thought out instructions on how to “easily master” psychedelic lettering, then you will probably enjoy this:

  • Psychedelic lettering
  • Labels: , , , , ,



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