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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Microsoft + Quicksilver

I really like the style of the new Quicksilver commercial from the “Microsoft People Ready” campaign, created by JWT. I admit that I’m not a huge fan of Microsoft or their products, but I wanted to view the commercial again, so I logged on to to find the ad. Ironically enough, I could not get the video to work, even after downloading their proprietary media player and using the Internet Explorer browser — so with such flawless technology, I’m sure this campaign will work like aces.

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    Anonymous Jacqui said...

    I feel like it's a rip off of this:

    When I first saw the commercials done in this style for Microsoft I was disgusted, and I still haven't shaken that feeling.

    Anonymous studiotwentysix2 said...

    Thanks for the link Jacqui; I had never seen the John Lennon video/animation before. There are certainly stylistic similarities between the two pieces, are they possibly created by the same artist?


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