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Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog News

It’s time once again to bring forth the celebration monkeys, as the blog is rapidly approaching 300 posts.

I’ve been evaluating the site to determine what could improve — from the aspect of retaining old readers and attracting new ones, to encouraging a greater level of participation from all those involved — myself included. So for the short-term, here’s the plan:

#1) I have added a “submit” link, located above “Last posts” in the column to the right. By submitting, you can inform me of interesting links, worthwhile artists and designers, or art happenings that might be of note. If I use your submission, you will be aptly credited by any name you like, and said name will be linked to any site you request.*

#2) I am in the process of adding reference tags to all 300 posts. It’s time consuming, and not terribly exciting, but I think it will dramatically improve the usability of the site — and will aid in the search of older posts that may be difficult to otherwise locate. I’m sure this function will be elementary to many of you, but for those unfamiliar, there will be a series of labels at the end of each post. When clicked, these labels will take you to a page containing all the previous posts with the same keyword.

At this point I am less than a third of the way through the process, but aim to have the labeling completed late next week.

#3) To become more consistent about posting, I am going to (on a temporary trial period) add a new entry Monday through Friday. Each weekday there will be at least one new post, with additional humor and Featured Art posts as they are completed. This will begin on Monday January 19th at noon (EST), and will continue for four weeks — at which point I will reevaluate the response and effectiveness.

#4) To encourage reader commenting and participation, I’m considering an artwork bribe. Perhaps a screen print or small work to the reader with the most comments over the course of a month, or to whoever is able to bring in a gaggle of new recruits.

Over the Long term, I plan to conduct several artist and designer interviews, as well as evaluate the overall look of the blog. A redesign is something that would not be done hastily, as I can’t stand when sites that I enjoy change their look and functionality. I like the current look, but feel that larger imagery and a wider text column might be beneficial.

Well, that’s it for now. Be on the lookout for my super-epic post that contains the 25 top television opening sequences from 1953 through 1990 — it has been several weeks in the making.


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Anonymous Brian Herzog said...

Hey Tom-

I've been keeping a list of "better blogging in just two weeks!" type links, and thought I'd share - not exactly what you're looking for, but there are a few gems in there.

27 Blogging Secrets to Power Your Community
- The Ultimate Blogger Writing Guide
- Why Start a Blog and 25 Tips to Make it Work
- 50 Blog Topics Marketers Could Write For Their Companies
- Tips for Better Blogging

For my money (meaning, it's all free), something nice to do for readers is to make rss subscription easy. In addition to making your rss feed link more prominent, here's a couple other ideas:
- Subscribe to my Blog via Email

And of course, there's always this tactic, but don't tell Davis you heard it from me.


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