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Monday, September 22, 2008

Web Resources

I was organizing a few of my bookmarks today, and came across some resource links that I have found helpful, and thought were worth sharing.

#1) Wikipedia web colors: provides a simple, easy to understand breakdown of a variety of web colors and their corresponding code names. I especially like the X11 color chart because of the color swatch organization, and hex and decimal code equivalents.

  • Wikipedia web colors

  • #2) CSSType: a great CSS test site for quickly viewing web safe typography. I am pretty much CSS incompetent, so this site is aces for me. CSSType allows you to type in some sample text, adjust the font, size, letter and word spacing, and it will generate the finished CSS code for you.

  • CSSType

  • #3) EmailMeForm: the site isn’t the prettiest to look at, but the product is first-rate. This is the only html web form that I was able to find that did not force you to pay a $20 monthly service fee, or required you to plaster the provider’s logo all over your site. Great resource for anyone with a web site or blog, as the service allows you to provide email and newsletter sign-ups for your site visitors. They offer five free forms per individual — good stuff.


  • #4) Google Analytics: really cool service provided by Google that allows you to track visits to your site or blog. It records detailed visitor information, and lets you know which posts are the most popular. For instance, I know that when I do a post about pin-up illustrations, it will gather more interest than say, a post about random web resources. It also informed me that this blog is most popular in Ohio, California and Kentucky, and outside of the United States, it tends to be France, United Kingdom and Canada. In addition to being a fun resource, it helps keep me motivated.

  • Google Analytics

  • #5) How Much Is Your Blog Worth: the totally depressing business applet, which informed me that my blog has a street value of just under $565. Bollocks, I say.

  • How Much Is Your Blog Worth

  • Feel free to share any other worthwhile sites in the comments section, as I’m always on the lookout for more.

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