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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sit On The Couch And Eat Ice Cream Day

I find it strange that the one day a year that’s dedicated to work, everybody has the day off. Shouldn’t Labor Day be the day that everyone goes to work and shows a little pride, or at the very least, pretends to actually care about their job?

If the government wants to give us an extra day off from work, why not call it: Lazy Day, or Hang Out With Your Family Day, or Sit On The Couch And Eat Ice Cream Day…mmmm, chocolate chip cookie dough. Anyway, here’s a nice WPA poster that shows the wonderful options a vocation in math can offer.

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Anonymous Oliver Meinerding said...

i hate pretending to care about my job. it's what makes it seems like such a dishonest facade. i think if we were all honest about the fact that we'd rather be doing something else, it'd make the whole thing a little more tolerable.


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