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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot Volleyball A(ss)ction

I love when legitimate news organizations try to increase readership with gratuitous stories attempting to be passed off as “news.”

Take for instance this beauty by the folks at NBC. They needed twenty different pictures of super-fit international volleyball ass (and one face), in order to accompany the “gallery story” that consisted entirely of, “Hand signals are frequently used by beach volleyball players to communicate to their partners. The signals -- one or two fingers down, closed fist, etc. -- generally let their partner know who should attempt a block at the net on their opponents’ return.”

Just once, I’d love to see them write what they actually mean:

Hi, we’re NBC. The Olympics will soon be upon us, and our sponsors would love it if you tuned in daily. We just wanted to remind you that one of our featured events will be women’s volleyball. Man, those Brazilians sure are hot, and we at NBC love their little outfits. So please enjoy these photos, and if you would like to watch the real thing, tune into the Olympics on NBC. Oh yeah, and they do these really cool hand signals too.

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