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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Truth in Advertising?

I think most educated, rational adults can appreciate that advertisements are intended to illuminate a product in the best possible light, while at the same time, gaining the trust of the consumer by showing truth within that depiction.

On what planet, might these web ads be considered realistic depictions of product performance? Am I to assume based on these ads, that the products will transform the appearance of a 63 year-old meth addict, who hasn’t slept in weeks, into a lovely 30 year-old fashion model with beautifully-sculpted eyebrows and flowing hair? What a joke. I guess as long as you stuff the “simulated imagery” disclaimer in there, even if it is in 4-point type, any depiction becomes fair game.

Apparently it is too much to ask that a company have integrity, morality and responsibility. I admit, these ads are great as a novelty, and if they were meant as satire, I would certainly appreciate the commentary on the beauty industry. But they are not comedy, they are real, and are preying on real people. I loathe the day that any depiction becomes fair representation, as long as the legal responsibilities are absolved through a simple, discreetly legible, disclaimer.




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