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Monday, April 7, 2008

Transportation Magazine

I swear, this 1943 article from Transportation Magazine is utterly shocking and disrespectful. The magazine’s blatant lack of sensitivity towards “underweight” individuals is downright reprehensible. The article insists on belittling not only the hand washers, but also the baggy dressers of the world.

Let it be known that I am personally offended by this hack job disguised as useful information, but there is one point that I find absolutely inexcusable...vociferously. Who writes like that? If you believe that vociferous was part of everyday 1943 language, then I think you are probably misinformed, or a smarty-pants, or you own a dictionary with a built-in thesaurus. Yep, I got you pegged.

Disgusted readers can fight the good fight, NOW!

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