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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Abortion Art

There are brilliant ideas...good ideas...bad ideas...and unbelievable head-scratchers. This concept might be so shallow; it aspires to belong in the latter group. A Yale art student allegedly decided to self-inseminate and self-induce multiple miscarriages — in order to display the discharge as her senior art project. Not only would the viewer get to see the miscarriage remains, but she filmed the events, and planned on projecting the videos as well.

The concept was apparently approved, or at least condoned by two faculty members, and was planned to go forward, until the university caught wind of the project through national media, and banned it from exhibition.

I’m all for a good debate, and as inappropriate as this piece is, I may have been able to tolerate it based on the artist’s intentions — but when she gives an interview and her two statements are, that the concept was not intended for “shock value”, and that she “hopes it inspires some sort of discourse”, you know what — screw her.

Perhaps this is just a hoax, or a performance piece, or maybe she wilted under university and media scrutiny. Who knows? But I do know that my views on art are about as liberal as they come, and in my estimation, this “project” is utter crap. Tell me you had an abortion to show the world how unbelievably cruel it is...tell me you chose this project as a penance, because you had an abortion and haven’t been able to live with yourself since. Tell me something of substance — anything — to “inspire discourse” just doesn’t cut it. You know what, just tell me you’re an immature hack douche bag, and leave it at that.

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