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Monday, March 3, 2008

In Search of Vinyl

I am currently working on several large-scale paintings, that when finished, will exceed 10 by 5 feet each. As part of this new work, I am incorporating record albums and their cardboard packaging, and as it stands, am currently trying to get my hands on as much vinyl as I can.

If you happen to have any 12-inch (78 rpm) vinyl albums, complete with their original cardboard sleeve, collecting dust, or packaged in a box, never to be used or seen again, please consider donating them to my project. Good music, bad music, it really doesn’t matter, I will take anything you would like to rid yourself of. For your generous donation, your name will be listed alongside the completed piece anytime the work is exhibited.

If you are able to help out with an album or two, send me an email — Much thanks, Tom.

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