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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tongue Action

I’m all for innovation, but when an innovation is 98% nasty...who really cares if it’s innovative? Not this guy.

Anyway, Welch’s has come up with a lickable advertisement for their tasty Grape Juice beverage. As a hypothetical, lets say you’re not convinced the beverage is actually tasty, how might they convince you otherwise? By offering a free sample, the catch — you need lick People magazine.

Which makes perfect sense.

So, if you happen to be lucky enough to lick People, I might suggest passing along the gift that keeps on giving. It would be a gesture of good will to leave a copy of the ad at your local salon, dentist office, daycare or place of employment — because with an idea this good, it would be a shame to keep it to yourself.

Oh, and the adult entertainment industry should be incorporating this technology onto their DVD packaging in about 3...2...1...

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