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Thursday, February 7, 2008


I happened upon this really nice site dedicated to one of my personal favorites, Polaroid photography. The site offers a huge database of user uploaded images numbering more than 120,000. The photos are good mix of professional, family photo album and experimental.

You can view the images by keyword search or by thumbnail. I like the thumbnails, but at only 30 thumbs per page, you might want to have a spare fourteen hours set aside to get through the over 4,000 pages of images.

And the best for last...This image leaves me filled with so many questions, and yet so few answers. My only defense to such visual stimulus, is to take a deep breath and conjure the coiffed styling of Rod Stewart, as he astutely stated...every picture tells a story don’t it.

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    Anonymous herzogbr said...

    Quite the timely post - Polaroid announced recently that they are closing down some factories and abandoning their instant-picture technology: Washington Post

    Anonymous A COLLAGE A DAY said...

    hey! thats my sister!


    Anonymous studiotwentysix2 said...

    There really seems to be an epidemic of people’s sisters on the Internet these days. By the way, let her know the shirt is stylin’, the hair, not so much.


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