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Friday, November 30, 2007

Al’s Big Brain

I was just sorting through some of my archived files, and found this gem of a riddle created by Albert Einstein. Enjoy...

Einstein wrote the following riddle. He said that 98% of the world could not solve it. Give it a try:

There are 5 houses in 5 different colors in a row. In each house lives a person with a different nationality. The 5 owners drink a certain type of beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar, and keep a certain pet. No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar, or drink the same beverage.

Other facts:
1. The Brit lives in the red house.
2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
3. The Dane drinks tea.
4. The green house is on the immediate left of the white house.
5. The green house’s owner drinks coffee.
6. The owner who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
7. The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
8. The owner living in the center house drinks milk.
9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
10. The owner who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats.
11. The owner who keeps the horse lives next to the one who smokes Dunhill.
12. The owner who smokes Bluemasters drinks beer.
13. The German smokes Prince.
14. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
15. The owner who smokes Blends lives next to the one who drinks water.

The question is: WHO OWNS THE FISH?

Note: In fine anal-retentive fashion, I created a matrix to help me visually eliminate the pretenders from the contender. It’s not a cheat sheet, just a way to help sort and organize the information. If needed, you can download the PDF here.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Helvetica NOW posters

Linotype is celebrating its 50th anniversary of the Helvetica typeface. In recognition of the event, designers from around the world have created posters honoring the classic font.

I certainly don’t love all of the posters, but there are a handful of well thought-out designs, with interesting concepts and layouts. You can vote for your favorites, now through December 7, 2007.

  • Linotype Helvetica posters
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    Kevin DuBrow, 1955 – 2007

    It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of the 80’s metal band Quiet Riot. I hope Kevin keeps rockin’ that big gig in the sky. DuBrow was 52.

  • Farewell Kevin You Will be Missed!

  • Quiet Riot: Cum On Feel The Noize
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    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

    Happy Thanksgiving to you dandy lads and lasses...I’ll be back next week.



    Rhythm is a Dancer

    It is without a doubt, that Blogger officially lessened my will to live during the upload of this post. on that note, umm...enjoy this cornucopia of indubitable mellifluous multifariousness.

  • The Beatles: I Am The Walrus

  • Los Mono: Promesas

  • Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice

  • Barnes & Barnes: Fish Heads

  • DMX: Who We Be

  • (Edit: Video removed due to copyright violations)

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    Friday, November 16, 2007

    Rick The Ruler!

    I finally got around to putting some additional work on the studiotwentysix2 site. Not every category has updated work, but the portrait, graphic, independent, cryptography and shop sections all have a little extra somethin’, somethin’. Like this fresh Slick Rick tee from back in the day, yo! La di da di, we like to party. We don’t cause trouble, we don’t bother nobody.

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    Recycled Design

    Dutch designers Tejo Remy & René Veenhuizen have created a rug that is certainly unique and visually stunning to boot. It has an interestingly uncommon shape, and the alternating colors give the piece a nice flow. My favorite part of the rug however, is its environmentally friendly design — the duo created this rug entirely from recycled blankets.

    This piece is solid proof that creativity has limitless potential.

  • Recycled Rug
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    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    Just Doodle It!

    If you like to doodle in your notebook, and are interested in showing the world your dazzling creations, head on over to the Moleskine Project. Founded by Marko ZETS Prpic, the project was started as a way for artists to promote and support each other’s work. You’ll find a bit of the good, and the bad, but really, that’s all part of the charm.

  • Moleskine Project
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    The Japanese motion-graphics company, WOW, created this graceful animation that offers an elegantly organic flow. The animation’s theme consists of integrating the numbers 0 – 10, with flowers and plant life. I didn’t quite understand the connection between the two, so after a bit of research, here’s what I found about the animation:

    “A motion graphics installation featuring plants and typography. We’ve interpreted the space between each number in a countdown and present it to you in a physical space. Experience a virtual landscape featuring 11 digitally rendered ikebana pieces which draw you in as you speed through time. Clinging to the camera you race through three dimensions viewing each piece one by one.”

    Note: ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging.

  • WOW, Tenspace
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    And Bingo Was His Name-O

    I thought this was a really nice letterpress print by Candykiller. It has a good combination of deep, rich color, a fun illustration and what appears to be an outstandingly crisp press impression. Good stuff.

  • Candykiller, “Bingo” print
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    Thursday, November 8, 2007

    Polished Off

    I’m a sucker for artists who can integrate everyday materials into their work, and use them in such a way, that they appear interesting and new. Meet Scott Ingram, and his Nail Polish Drawings. The simplicity of this series is really striking, as the work appears quiet, confident and playful all at the same time.

    On a personal note, I am comforted by the idea that an artist can walk into a drug, grocery or department store, and buy the medium that will aid in the creation of gallery-quality work. And, you know, maybe pick up some socks and toilet paper at the same time...and maybe some candy too, I love me some jellybeans. Mmmmm...

  • Scott Ingram
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