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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Speaking of NC-17...

You know, it’s because of campaigns like the newest for Tom Ford cologne that I miss being a college professor. Not because I want to encourage my students to experiment with naughty subject matter, but because of the discussion / debate that such a campaign can ignite.

Since I no longer have a classroom, and this blog is the closest thing to it, I just wondered what you thought about this campaign. Love it, hate it, disgusted by it, intrigued by it, moderately aroused, absolutely not aroused, they are all fair reactions. I realize that no one ever wants to post a comment here, and I’ve reluctantly become accustomed to it, but for this entry, I would like to encourage blogger participation.

One other thing to think about, does knowing that Ford is openly gay, change the way you view the ads?

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Anonymous jeff maurer said...

I am a bit disappointed in tom ford. His photos would have been much better if he removed the perfume bottle. And how many quarts of oil did he pour on this model?

Anonymous studiotwentysix2 said...

I actually like the bottle being there, it’s like a product placement / pseudo-phallus combo-pack. I wonder how many American magazines will end up carrying the ads? Seems like it might come down to a decision of advertising dollars gained vs. potential public backlash.

Anonymous jeff maurer said...

yeah, i was just making a rather childish joke about rather seeing her naked. i am guessing it is a long shot it will ever see the inside of a major american magazine. it will be interesting to see.

Anonymous brian said...

for me (and my marketing background), my first question was, "just what is that cologne supposed to smell like?" product placement like this, however risqué, sort of implies "greasy body smell - in a bottle!"

a very similar design is also being used by a new german perfume called
vulva. it's exactly what you might think (warning: the website has naked people on it).

and it must be powerful - the commercial at the top of their page shows a guy satisfying himself, despite the fact that two naked women are slithering in the background.

Anonymous studiotwentysix2 said...

I received this comment from Dan in my email, and thought I would post it here, since it belongs with this discussion:

I was reading this the other day and noticed the print ads for the perfume — with the bottles placed strategically. What I would say is whoever designed these ads must be a big Bill Hicks fan, because they plagiarized his comedy.

I looked everywhere and finally found the video of his set I was thinking about:

Bill Hicks

Go to 21:14 in the video and watch from there. Tell me whoever did that ad campaign had never seen this, and I’d call you a liar....


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