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Thursday, September 13, 2007

An Assorted Update

Although my exhibition at the DAI had been open for three weeks, the opening reception was the first time I saw the work installed in the space. I thought the arrangement and scale of the work looked good for the gallery, although it was slightly disappointing that a few of the pieces had to be cut to keep the show from looking over-hung. Two of my newer paintings were withheld from the show, so since you can’t see them at the museum, I’ll post them for you here.

My work and website have been popping-up on random art sites and blogs lately, but one I’d like to mention by name is It’s a blog site run by a really nice guy named Geoff, who featured me as artist of the day on Monday. He even dug my work so much, he bought a print from my shop — so for that alone, I need to give him props. Check out his site, browse through the artists, vote on my work (and everyone else’s) and if you’re an artist, send him a link to your site so he can check you out.

  • Tom Davie at

  • I recently added ten paintings and five drawings from the Parishioner Series to the studiotwentysix2 shop. I’ve wanted to add the work for a while now, but had to wait until the final work was selected for the exhibition. The work can be purchased through either the Parishioner Series site or the studiotwentysix2 shop. Speaking of the Parishioner Series site, I have added several new paintings to it, including the two shown above.

    Here’s an article about my current exhibition from the Dayton City Paper:

    One final tidbit, last week, I recorded a segment with Dayton NPR talking about religion and my current work. The segment is supposed to air either next week or the week after — so I will post a link to the mp3 file once it is up on their site. I’ll write about this experience in detail because there’s a good story behind it, but I’ll wait until you are able to hear the finished segment.

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