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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Show Time

Finally...The work has been delivered to the museum, is currently being installed and the exhibition will open to the public on Saturday. I was so close to missing the deadline with the final painting that I was scared to properly wrap it, for fear the recently applied paint would adhere to the plastic during transport. It’s been a few days now, and I never received the dreaded “Um, one of your paintings was destroyed when we took the packing off” call, so I can only assume everything’s a-okay. The image below contains all the splendiferous details, including the reception and lecture times and dates.

Here is the museum’s write-up about my work / exhibition:

Tom Davie’s haunting and evocative images offer an introspective view into the artist’s thoughts on faith, salvation, mortality, and above all, Catholicism. The portraits included in The Parishioner Series are taken from a single edition of the St. Mary’s parish directory in Sandusky, Ohio. “The parishioners are members of the small religious community to which I belonged as a child and young adult, and the 1974 church directory was chosen because it represents the year I was born into this group,” Davie explained. “I have a great deal of respect for this community founded in religion, however, my personal struggles with faith, religious power and mortality prevent me from fully embracing the ideals of my youth.”

Reflecting the influence of Chuck Close, Andy Warhol, and Francis Bacon, Davie’s powerful images offer their own unique graphic signature. Highly stylized and finely crafted, these meticulously hand-painted works are composed of a complex matrix of dots. Layers of transparent washes applied to the canvas’s surface conceal the subtle and fragmentary textual imagery. “As the concept behind my work has become more focused, the layering and complexity have gradually increased,” stated Davie.

There is an uncanny family resemblance among the paintings and drawings in The Parishioner Series. This homogeneity is disconcerting, enhanced by the narrative tension created by such titles as Revelation (Mr. Carl and Mrs. Evelyn D. Bing, 1974); He Shall Inherit (Mr. Leander Bertsch, 1974); They were Judged (Mr. Edwin Hiss, 1974); and His Anger was Kindled (Mr. Edwin Hiss, 1974). “To me these individuals represent righteousness and unwavering devotion -- a uniform belief under the same doctrine,” said Davie.

Tom Davie earned his Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Dayton.

  • The Parishioner Series at The Dayton Art Institute
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