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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What’s Happening?

I realize it’s been slower than normal around here the last month or so, which is unfortunate, because I enjoy being slightly irreverent, showing the goodies I’ve found and often times just blowing off steam. Anyway, I didn’t post two weeks ago because I took some time off to visit friends, family and to attend my cousin’s wedding.

My cousin, who I lost touch with over the years, is huge — and by huge, I mean long. I’m not exactly short, measuring in at just a shade below 6'2". I’m guessing though, that my cousin eclipsed me by a good two inches, which would make it a safe 6'4". This doesn’t seem exceptionally large until you factor in that my cousin is a 23 year-old girl. In addition to the 6'4", stick her in a flowing wedding gown, add some 3-inch heels, and you have one “not-gonna-miss-her” senorita. All I know is next time I start shit at a Davie family reunion, I know who I want having my back. Okay, enough with the family gossip, on to the updates:

Dayton Art Institute exhibition

I just had my final walk-through at the Dayton Art Institute museum yesterday. Everything for the exhibition is now pretty much set. My exhibition will consist of approximately 20 paintings and 8 drawings — a good portion of the work will be showing for the first time.

Some of the paintings and drawings that will be in the exhibition are posted on my Parishioner Series site. I have however, been purposely holding back work in order to give everyone that can, a reason to come see the exhibition.

A little over two months ago, I started a new body of paintings. These paintings focus on Catholic clergy, and are significantly different in style from the rest of The Parishioner Series. The new works are heavily influenced by my design background, and have a playful, but refined sense of color, and I have consciously chosen to avoid using black in any of these paintings. At first glance, they appear somewhat harmless, but they are without a doubt more sinister and judgmental than the other work.

To this point, only my girlfriend has seen the completed and stretched canvases — I have even gone so far as to only show the museum curator studies of the final pieces. I plan on showing four of these new paintings in the exhibition, and because of the use of clergy as imagery, the museum has refused to use any of these works in promoting the exhibition, for fear that Catholic groups will disrupt the show. If you want to see them, be sure to plan a trip to the museum. I will post the exhibition opening and reception dates next week.

Design Publications

It seems I’ve been getting a lot of love from China lately. At the end of the month, a Chinese art and design magazine will be featuring yours truly in a super-dope article. Each issue of the bi-monthly magazine focuses on one international artist or design studio, and does a large, several-spread article featuring the philosophy of the designer and an ample showing of work. I sent them more than 25 images, so here’s hoping the article turns out really strong.

Also on the Asian front, I’ve been asked to contribute work to a 2-volume hardback design almanac. Asian design is the primary focus, but a group of international designers have been asked to contribute to the book as well. The book will be introduced in October at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Again, I’ll post images and more information about the publications, as I receive my complimentary copies.

Client Work

A few weeks ago, I was asked to contribute two design concepts to Upper Deck, which is in the process redesigning their line of 2007-08 NBA trading cards. There were a few layout hurdles to get around, such as a HUGE price violator and quite a bit of text to work into the design, but overall, it was a fun project to work on. I can’t show anything for proprietary reasons, but maybe in a few months, I can roll out what I came up with.

So as you can see, I’ve been pretty busy lately — I’m hoping all the upcoming exposure will bust this one-man venture wide open.

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