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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Green with Envy

Ever since I posted the celebration induced sock monkeys, I’ve been sensing a jealous rage from my studio sock monkey, Monkey. Monkey is a one-of-a-kind sock monkey, who was born without the gift of sight, a tail for an arm, an arm-stump for a tail, and a leg that needed to be amputated at the knee. Simply stated, he’s a lovable mess.

No need to feel too sorry for Monkey though, because Monkey is a monkey magnet. You may notice that when the Lord taketh, He also endow-eth — as you can see by his blessed and righteous monkey tripod.

Stay strong Monkey, keep your chin up, chest out and handle it.

Note to self: Get some sleep, reread this post tomorrow and delete if it still seems as strange as it does right now.




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