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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You Sinner

If you’re a lazy egotistical slob, an angry slut, or a devilishly handsome creative guru — then you are all about the seven deadlies.

Penance lets you confess your dirty weaknesses, but for my sake, only confess something tantalizingly juicy. I’m sick of the borderline-maybe-deadlies, for the love of Zeus, stop wasting my time — if you committed a deadly, you know it. If you need to confess that you cursed three times this month, let me save you some typing time — no one on the internet gives a crap, save it for your local clergy member.

Now, if you have a little blackmail, whoremongering, backstabbing revenge or thigh-high boots, go ahead and confess, just remember the deadlies are in the details, and the details are my favorite part. For those of you lacking a sordid past, you can also read others confessions, or even illustrate someone’s confession — oh, the possibilities.

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