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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

London 2012

Moving from one Olympic games to the next, London has just revealed its branding system for 2012.

From what I can gather, public support is non-existent for the new look — In short, many are pissed.

For now, I think I might hold off on a personal critique. I will say that I applaud London for ditching tradition and selecting an urban / graffiti inspired look. However, I can’t help but think the mark is unresolved — as if it’s a first-round sketch, not the finished product worthy of representing the world’s largest sporting event.

One giant snafu that I have no problem commenting on, is the release of a one-minute spot promoting the new brand. The problem, it’s causing seizures — The video uses rapidly changing bright geometric shapes, which causes visual vibrations that can lead to headaches or seizures. I’m all for hip, but the video lacks function, is not all that interesting and is completely irresponsible. I’m astonished it made through the checks and balances of the approval process, in my opinion, this thing should have never seen the light of day. I will provide the link, but I’m not recommending you watch it. I began to get a headache within minutes of watching it, and I seriously think the person that created the spot is probably dead.

If you choose to click on the link, for your own sake, don’t watch the entire clip, you’ll get the gist halfway through.

  • London 2012 branding video

  • Note: It turns out as I was posting this, all copies of the video have been deleted due to complaints and seizures. I’m sure pirated copies exist somewhere.

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