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Friday, May 18, 2007


I thought I might send you into the weekend with a teaspoon of awkwardness, a dash of the perplexing, followed by a heaping cup of the horrible, yet strangely appealing.

That’s right folk’s, I stumbled upon a warehouse of celebrity doppelgängers — those eerily fascinating, yet totally make-funable hangers-on of the celebrity world. Individuals, who, for the most part, look very little like their celebrity counterpart, yet make a living by convincing themselves and others, that they are in fact someone famous.

As I looked through the 200 or so doppelgängers, it became quite clear that only a handful might be able to pull off a celebrity swap. In most cases though, the closest similarities I could find were the possession of a head and ten fingers. I’m confident that I could convince as many people as the doppelgänger that I am Drew Barrymore, and even though I’m a thirty-one year old male, I see no problem in accomplishing this task.

I think the prerequisites for becoming a celebrity doppelgänger, are the following:

1. Be the same race as the celebrity.
* Except in the case of Michael Jackson, because I’m pretty sure that’s a white guy pictured below.

2. Be born within five years of the celebrity.
* Except in the case of a celebrity icon, in which case, you must appear the age of the icon in their prime.

3. Weigh within 20 pounds of the celebrity (although this rule seems lax in some cases).

4. Have the same hair style, or wear the same clothing / accessories as the celebrity during their most famous role / appearance / performance.

5. Have features that are somewhat similar, yet mostly inferior to the celebrity.

6. You’re Hired!

I’m actually having a hard time coming up with a job that could be any more awkward than an actor/actress doppelgänger. At least if you are playing the part of a musician or performer, the doppelgänger can distance themselves by being on stage, but an actor / actress, how does that work? Do they just walk around talking to people as if they actually are the celebrity? Do people actually call them by the celebrity name? Do they sign fake autographs and pose for fake-celebrity pictures? My curiosity is at a fever pitch, someone provide me some insight!

Below, I did a little side-by-side comparison of the fakes vs. the reals. I didn’t feel the need to label the images, mainly because I wanted you to enjoy the shocking similarities for yourselves. Take this opportunity to become a Sherlock Holmes doppelganger, if only for a fleeting moment.

In all fairness, I will offer you a hint — if the person looks so unlike the other, that the celebrity’s name needs to plastered across the photo at 100-point type, there is the off chance that that might be an imposter. Also of note, the crazy caveman looking Rambo is actually neither Sly Stallone nor a doppelgänger, just some random Rambo costume I thought was too funny not to include. Oh, and the Leo doppelgänger — without a doubt, chick magnet.

Check out the entire stable of doppelgängers for yourself — it’s hours of unadulterated fun:

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