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Monday, March 19, 2007

Mexia, Texas

Okay, so it's 6:00am, I'm completely sleep deprived, and what do I stumble upon but Gibbs Memorial Library website. Questions running through my mind at this point: Uh, how in the hell did I get on this site? Why on earth did I bother to look around once I got here? Has anything noteworthy happened since the update in May 2003? What does it say about your town, when Anna Nicole Smith was your most famous resident? I wonder if Anna Nicole ever went to the library? Was she completely literate? Maybe she liked the pop-up books? Anyhow...

Buried deep within the bowels of this site (which I refuse to link to, just on sheer principality), was a fantastic find. Drawings from the 2001 bookmark challenge, featuring the robust theme, To the Library, AND BEYOND!!! Let me tell you what; the 4 year-olds rocked the house. Look through the bookmarks, and every time you come to a badass drawing, 4 year-old. I will give props to 8 year-old Ryan Fite, for his overt phallic depictions of the rocket and astronaut (and you thought it was an arm, sinner).

I have a serious beef with a few of the selections, I mean, who did the Library get to jury this exhibition, Louis Braille? How on earth could Kyle Vest win 1st place among 8 year-olds, not only did he unworthily steal Ryan Fite's crown, he got the name of the library wrong. In addition to that, he spelled "library" incorrectly twice, but hey, at least he was consistent. Librarians are supposed to be educated, and should never encourage misspellings. Note to Kyle, clients hate it when you spell their names wrong, especially twice.

Alex Lin got the shaft as well. His 3rd place finish is unfathomable, because honestly, that drawing is the baddest-ass of all. His parents were probably outraged with these results, and I seriously can't blame them. Look at the mature use of white space, his stickin' it to the man, by avoiding the library's uncontemporary theme, and what about the imagery: Is it a horse, possibly a dinosaur? Perhaps it's some creature with no eyes, a Fu-Manchu and a parasitic head? Really, any of those will do, because they're all gold!

One last thing, does Mexia have something against crayons or markers? You know, a tool that dispenses color. Unsharpened #2 pencils are great for standardized tests, but have limited appeal in the art world. I realize that the library probably has a $400 a year operating budget, and with the cost of color copies skyrocketing, your best option must be these fantastic fax-machine-quality-duplicates. Come on Gibbs Memorial Library, throw the kids a bone, and if you ask nicely, maybe Mexia Kinko's would be willing to offer you a 2-for-1 color deal. Remember, being a patron of the arts is never cheap.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is great, nice job.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So here I am its 12am and i type in my name "kyle vest" and "mexia" into google search engine and stumble upon this post. I must say, I am apalled. Who on Earth has the right to question the brilliance of an 8 year old. Especially mine. I would like a confrontation.

Anonymous studiotwentysix2 said...

Outstanding. One of the artists of one of my favorite posts ever, has found his way to this blog.

I’ll tell you what make this right for you, send me an email with a few images of art you’ve created since the age of eight, and I’ll dedicate an entire post to you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok. just let me know your e-mail address and ill send you a picutre i drew for my spanish class years ago. Other than my "infamous bookmark", its all ive drawn.

Anonymous studiotwentysix2 said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I searched my name on the internet and found this. I have to say that I agree that I should have won the bookmark contest over Kyle considering I won first place every year after in the contest until I was too old.


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