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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do The Hustle

Dear avacadolite,

Damn you! Damn you straight to Hades!

How in the name of Zeus am I supposed to get anything done around here? I am tired of having my ass kicked by your sweet, cuddly little farm creatures. Please, I beg you, remove Farm Hustle from your website. If I actually had an employer and was required to fill out a time sheet, I might have to ask accounting to add the job number AVOLITE 001. At least that way, I could bill you for the hours that were dedicated to your site. Honestly, without the new job number, I don’t think anyone would believe that I was cleaning my desk or doing clerical work for four hours a day.

What? What did you say strange little peach blob guy? Aw, you shouldn’t taunt me like that; it’s not good for you. Here strange little peach blob guy, meet my friend Mr. Bomb. Ha! Take that! Bitch!


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