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Monday, February 5, 2007

Noteworthy Articles

I thought the following were interesting and worthwhile reads.

The first link is a posting that originally appeared on craigslist, in response to individuals and businesses looking for free design and artwork. The author is unknown, but the post has been placed on NO!SPEC, as reference for the art and design community. In short, the post discusses how rare a creative person's talents are, and how insulting it is for businesses to expect free or "spec" work.

While it is tragic that creatives are taken advantage of, it is ultimately our responsibility to respect our work's value. Until we can all stand together and refuse to do work for free, why would unethical (or cheap) businesses change their practices? If there is no one to do free work, we all earn more in the end.

  • I Wish I had Written This

  • The second link is an article from Fast Company, titled, "No Accounting For Design?". This article is focused on the difficulty of being able to measure the worth of quality design, strictly relating to financial gain and increased profit margins.

  • No Accounting For Design?
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