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Monday, February 5, 2007

I. Hate. You.

Apparently “a woman scorned” is not above seeking legal council against a cheating ex-boyfriend who decided to photograph angry break-up e-mails, in a new body of work called, “I. Hate. You. Letters to a Cheating Boyfriend”. Photographer Doug Sanford’s work is currently on display at Fraser Gallery of Bethesda, Maryland. The work itself is okay, but what I find interesting is the copyright struggle between the disgruntled couple. She claims ownership of her words, as a professional writer, and is of the opinion that she is entitled to any proceeds gained through sale of the work.

He claims that he is not suggesting to be the author, however, he does claim ownership of the work based on the facts that he printed the work, cropped it through photography and blurred and omitted certain aspects of the words. It should also be noted that he keeps her identity protected throughout the body of work.

An independent lawyer who was consulted, ultimately believes that Sanford is the rightful owner of the work, saying Sanford, “may not be able to claim authorship rights in the underlying text of the e-mail, he may have a copyright in the unique photographic image he created because of the way he has put it together...That’s all his artistic expression and interpretation.”

Gosh, this story wraps me in a warm blanket of love.

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