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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


To put this simply, I need your help.

I wish the help I needed was the really easy, two-seconds-of-your-time kind of help, but unfortunately, it is not. It's a brain-churning, somewhat uncomfortable, philosophical, very-personal kind of help. Many of you will not want to participate, and I completely understand, but for those with an open mind, please read on.

For the past three years, I have been working on series of paintings depicting parishioners from the church I attended as a child. As the work has developed, I have become extremely interested in others’ opinions concerning faith, religion, God and mortality. As a way to document those valuable opinions, I would like to create a simple, text-only book (which will accompany my paintings at exhibitions) with insightful responses to a series of eight questions.

I am looking for a diverse group of intelligent, well-thought-out responses. You are only asked to provide your first name and location (anonymity will be protected).

My ability to add this important piece of work to future exhibitions is in your hands, as it doesn't exist without you. Below you will find several links. The first is a downloadable Word document containing the eight questions. Second is a simple HTML page, where the questions can be copied and pasted into a separate document. Third is a completed questionnaire in its final formatted layout; this will give you an idea of how your completed responses will look in the book.

If you decide to participate, you have my sincere thanks. Whether you choose to participate or not, please consider forwarding this to any family, friends or acquaintances you think might have an interest in responding. Your response can either be attached as a Word document or typed directly into an email and sent to Tom.

  • Word document

  • Simple HTML

  • Completed PDF sample
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I noticed that you had a gallery showing earlier this year, but is this for an upcoming show? Are you expanding your project?

    Anonymous studiotwentysix2 said...


    Yes, the questions for the book will be used during future exhibitions. My exhibition calendar for 2007 is not finalized, but it appears I will be displaying this work in two solo shows, including a six-month museum exhibition.

    The work is ongoing, and could realistically continue throughout my time as an artist. In addition to the paintings, I do intend to expand the project to include pieces like this book, and possibly interviews, or a documentary dealing with individuals and clergy discussing their belief structures.


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