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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Little Superstar

This video is too good not to post, a YouTube classic if you will. Any movie clip involving a boom box, some head-bobbin' and a dancing shirtless dwarf*, is okay in my book.

  • Little Superstar
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    Anonymous jeff maurer said...

    "midget" is not very PC. I think that midgets like to be called "little people" now.

    for a great midget song, go here

    Anonymous studiotwentysix2 said...

    Interesting...I guess I never gave the word midget much thought. The Associated Press Style Guide does not list any of the following terms as offensive: midget, dwarf or little person.

    I'm not crazy about little person, so that's out. Dwarf is defined, in the medical context, as abnormally low stature, which is what I was refering to, so I'll meet you half-way with dwarf.

    Philmore Dalton, on the other hand, would not find me offensive, "I am a midget, and I have no problem calling myself one. People are so touchy nowadays that they find the word "midget" offensive. I resent that, and I resent the PC label "Little People". What a bunch of baloney! People need to lighten up".


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