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Monday, January 29, 2007

The Final Frontier

This will be the last installment in the "How not to get a job!" series. It has been a blast to reminisce with my old amigos, but much like twelve-day-old tuna in August, they need to stop stinkin' up my workspace. These "How not to get a job!" inspirations keep staring at me, calling me, seeking my attention like fresh road kill, a pink polo shirt or a Vanilla Ice video. Even though I shouldn't, I continue to gaze, the professor in me evaluating, editing, making mental adjustments and improvements, despite the fact that no changes can, or will, be made. This is finished work, heaved into the world with hopes of returning prosperity, security and respect to its creator. Okay, now I'm just depressing myself...on to the eulogy.

A.K.A. Tim, it has been great having you (and your grimace, tee-shirt, thums, Flipflops and kung-fu attack approach) around. I will miss your use of Helvetica in six different point (font) sizes. I will never forget your uneven paragraph spacing, improper punctuation, partially developed thoughts and avoidance of spell-check. I feel bad that six laser beams unnecessarily impaled you, fortunately, the laser at your feet missed its target, sparing you from further harm. Words cannot describe my anguish concerning the disappearance of your lower left leg's shadow, the physics behind such a phenomenon would have Einstein as confused as my grandfather at a Lindsay Lohan concert.

Adieu A.K.A. Tim, may your thums always remain in the upright position.

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