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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pimp Like Him

The "powers that be", determined my existence would be vastly improved with the gift of Kevin Federline (or as he likes to put it, KFed). Anyway, I was given his CD "Playing With Fire", which is cliché, amateurish, and has a hint of terrible mixed in for good measure. However, all that was easily overlooked once I discovered the foldout poster insert. For some undeniable reason, I just really enjoy the back of the poster. It must be the combination of pastel-lighted block windows, poor image quality, lyrics and poses/expressions: 1) Hard KFed 2) Hip KFed 3) Sexy KFed 4) Irritated KFed 5) Silly KFed 6) Back-to-Hard KFed.

I'll end this entry with some lyrics, "Dudes hate KFed, Girls love KFed. It don't matter to me cause KFed stay fed..." Indeed KFed, indeed.

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