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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New look! Same great taste!

If you have meandered over from my art + design site, I welcome you. If you have no idea what studiotwentysix2 is, then you are probably some random blog stalker who hasn’t showered in weeks. Please, step way from your computer, shower, then I will happily welcome you as well.

I have decided to revamp and better utilize my mucho-ignored blog. Instead of updating the news page at, I will now be posting news updates, interesting sites, thoughts on books and articles and pretty much anything else I feel like writing at this site. New work updates will still be posted at Feel free to comment with your own thoughts, as I could use some interesting dialogue, a good laugh or dozens of semi-nude photos of you, or your grandmother (or hell, even your grandfather if he has the balls to pose for you).

Just a note — since overall tone doesn’t translate over the internet, if you think I’m making a joke, or being witty or sarcastic, I probably am, or am I…

Anyway, welcome to the studiotwentysix2 blog.

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