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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moving time

Over the past few weeks, I have been packing to move into my new space. Packing is a horrible thing because it makes me feel guilty about how many objects I own.

Anyway, one positive aspect of packing is that it allowed me to rediscover items that I've kept throughout the years. Five years (or so) ago while working in San Diego, I used to keep really intriguing resumes that were sent to the studio. By intriguing I mean, they needed to be poorly designed, use excessively big typography, have a least one photograph (not of work) with a certain je ne sais quoi sprinkled in. The perfect storm, if you will.

You really have to inspect this one to appreciate all that is going on here. Note the mouse gently caressing his upper thigh. Note the photo call outs, intended to quickly relay his skill sets. Note the pinhole in the top center of the page where this item was proudly hung in my office for inspiration.

I really enjoy the photocopied signature as well, it lets me know that the job seeker is so important, that he even lacks the time to individually sign his own resume / cover letters.

Ah Freddy, you my friend are fantastic.

Note - Please don’t call or email Freddy, just enjoy his work.

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